Bahadori Beauty Unique Styles at Great Prices

So while my husband has been away working, I have been busy spending his money online shopping. In my search for some unique summer outfits I happened to stumble across this super cute boutique on Instagram and just had to order something.   The Boutique is called Bahadori Beauty and they offer cute affordable clothing… Continue reading Bahadori Beauty Unique Styles at Great Prices


Well let’s get at this!

Sorry I have been MIA the last month and a half. I have realized it is very hard to blog using a sub-par computer that crashes every five minutes (SHOCKER). So I bit the bullet, went out and bought a new lap top. I'm so excited to finally start getting all the pieces together to… Continue reading Well let’s get at this!


Anyone need a Dry Shampoo?

I am now hooked on the world of Dry Shampoo! I had never really tried dry shampoo before, with my job I wear a hairnet all day so my hair routine is pretty minimal. Usually I wake up with just enough time to put a bit of a face on, pull my hair back into… Continue reading Anyone need a Dry Shampoo?



Scream's my 2yr old from the couch inches in front of my, but refuses to walk over and get one. This has been happening ever since my husband has left for work. Now normally I would be more then happy to stop what I am doing walk over and give the little guy a big squeeze… Continue reading MOMMY HUGS!


OMG I’m Finally Here! Welcome!

Hey! If you’re reading this that means you have found my blog and I'm so excited! My name is Brett and I am the owner/writer for She Runs the House blog. This blog is an extension of me and my personality, I'm a very creative person and thought it was time to share my love of… Continue reading OMG I’m Finally Here! Welcome!