Thanks for stopping in, I’m Brett, writer and owner of She Runs the House Blog!
I’m a spunky full time working momma to two beautiful children, and married to the love of my life. We  live in a small town in Saskatchewan and enjoy short summers by the lake. I’m a make-up junkie, tattoo loving, coffee drinking  ball of creativety. I work as a Food service Manager in a large hospital and love it! My job is demanding but every chance I get i’m working on some thing; weather it be DIY projects, family finances, cleaning/fixing the hosue, writing my blog or playing with my kids,you could say I do it all! (with the help of my husband….most times)
Aside from working full time i’m always trying to find ways to make an extra dollar and spreading the little knowledge I have to my fellow readers. A few of the ways I make extra money is through online survey taking, mystery shopping and prodcut reviews. I enjoy giving my honest feedback on products I have tried and enjoy.
You can expect to find product reivews on the various makeup and skin products I buy as well as tips, tricks and inside knowledge on reputable survey/mystery shopping companies. Oh and don’t forget those mommy moments there will be lots of those too.  My goal and hope is to provide useful and easy to understand tips that my readers will enjoy!
I look forward to conecting with each of my readers so please contact me with any questions, products you want to see reviewed or just to chat! You can also check out my etsy page for handcrafted baby/toddler gifts. These items make perfect baby gifts and are created by yours truly. Details under each item. (currently under construction)

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