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Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Remastered: Marketing Genius or PR Nightmare?

Hey I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather, I know I am! I’m actually quite proud of how productive I have been with my yard work this year. Normally I am planting garden beginning of June but this year I actually got that and all my flowers planted before May long was over, GO ME!!! After all that playing in the dirt I needed some glamour in my day and after taking a little break I decided to peruse Instagram and check the latest tea and boy was it scalding!


I’m sure most of you have heard of the make up company Huda Beauty; I mean how can you not, with a following of over 25 million Huda Kattan has taken Social Media by storm with her amazing products and sometimes controversial makeup hacks.

Huda Kattan started Huda Beauty with a set of false lashes and grew it to a makeup line that carries many different items. From foundation all the way to highlights, blush and even false nails Huda Kattan has made a big name for herself in the beauty community.

I was first introduced to Huda Beauty when a friend of mine received the original Rose Gold palette about 2 years ago and I fell in love. The colors looked beautiful, I loved the shimmer shades and the whole palette just spoke to me in a beautiful way, unfortunately it was sold out and I would need to wait. I had no problem waiting because at a price of $85 CAD it was a good chunk of change that I just didn’t have yet, but once it came back in stock it was going to be MINE! Finally it was restocked and I had the palette in my cart, the feeling of knowing this bouji palette would soon be mine left me giddy!

Fast Forward a year, two restocks ( I think…) and a few new palettes later here we are being introduced the Rose Gold palette Remastered and I’m speechless. I was so shook! Instead of creating a whole new palette Huda decided to revamp the original Rose Gold palette and I’m left wondering Why? Why not just create a whole new palette that embodies the look you were trying to go for, to me this is lazy business and a big slap in the face to us consumers.


The problem I am having is this; According to Huda Kattan when she first produced the original Rose Gold palette she spent every last dime on the formula of the shadows that she had little funds left to create the packaging of her dreams. I get that you wanted to give the palette a mirror OK fine, but why didn’t you add one when you brought the palette back in stock? Why did Huda need to discontinue the original palette only to bring out a refreshed version 6 months later? Another shady thing that Huda claimed back when the palette was first produced was that the formulas were the best of the best and she approached the palette from a beauty consicouers point of view.  Now what I don’t understand is if you spent all your investments on the formula of the shadows and foils why did you need to revamp the formula, I mean wasn’t it top notch all ready? If she spent all her money on the formula then why did she need to make it “better?” I think Beauty Truth Sleuth and Here for the Tea said it best in their videos and I highly recommend checking them out for more insight on this money grab.

Now I must be fair as I have not tried the new palette but I just feel that if these things were such an issue why bring out Dessert Dusk and all those mini palettes? Why restock it, hype it up and then revamp it? People were so upset when Morphe did this with the Jaclyn Hill palette so why did Huda not rethink her strategy?

Honestly I really like the Original Rose Gold Palette and I am bummed that instead of just fixing the packaging problems with the next batch Huda re-released the palette and was able to bring out her mini palettes and the Dessert Dusk Palette. In my mind this was a lazy marketing attempt, instead of creating something new and special, she took the easy road and created something that half the work was already done. I will say that even though the Remastered palette has a few different shades it is not enough to warrant a whole new palette in my mind.

If you haven’t already figured out I will not be buying the Remastered palette, but I want to here from you. If you own the original Rose Gold palette will you be buying the remastered version? Are you frustrated at this release or are you excited to try the revamped palette. Sound off below and voice your opinions.  I am glad that those who wanted the palette and couldn’t get it now have the opportunity again to buy it but I can justify another $85 for a few different shades and a mirror.

Watch for the next post, I have gotten my creative collab photos back and I can’t wait to share them with you!




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