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Is it Really cheaper to DIY?

Hey how is everyone doing its been a bit since I promised Id be posting more and typical me I have piled too much on my plate. I think I am going to try and post 2-3 times a month instead of 2 times a week, that way I can bring worth wild content and not burn myself out in the process. Sound good? Great! Ha-Ha

So last week Coastal Scents had a $0.99 sale on single pot eye shadows and I decided to indulge and buy a few shades I figured I needed to expand my collection. The only down side is that I don’t own a magnetic Z palette to store these bad boys in, so instead of buying one I figured it would be cheaper to just make one… but was it?

The first thing I did was find a tutorial on how to actually make a magnetic palette. Luckily I was able to find an easy tutorial on YouTube by a channel called Sierra Bonds. The tutorial seemed pretty straight forward and the items needed where easily obtained from my local Dollar store so I though meh lets save some money and make it myself. Now the question is did I really save money by making this or did I just bite of more then I could chew. Not only did the supplies cost me money as I didn’t have everything needed but my time is pretty damn valuable as well but i know all and figured ya I can do this.


The first thing I needed to do was go out and buy a few of the things I needed. I already had the spray adhesive, glitter, glue gun and gems stones but i still needed the note book, magnetic sheet, something to act as a wedge and a few other accessories to bling out the palette. I will break down the price at the end and we will see if it is cheaper to DIY or are you better off just buying the item as is from the store.

The main component you’ll need is a notebook, preferably a hard cover, that way your palette will be sturdy and won’t fold in half under the weight of your eye-shadow.        The first step is to remove the inside pages, do this be cutting along the seem gently. Set the pages aside and use them for scrap paper. If you did this right the binding along the pages should still be intact.

Once the pages are removed you can cover the outside of your notebook. If you want to skip this step just buy a notebook that already has a cover you like, that way its already decorated for you. If you are like me and can’t find a notebook that already has a cute cover or you don’t want to spend $15 on the notebook alone you can just spray the notebook with spray adhesive and cover with patterned card stock. Since I bought two notebooks to make two palettes I decided to cover one in glitter and the other in the fancy paper I bought. I used spray adhesive and sprayed the entire fronts of the notebooks, outside as this shit smells and gets everywhere. For the glitter book I sprinkled glitter over top the adhesive and sprayed it again. I did this three times to ensure the glitter covered all the brown of the notebook and then I gave it one final spray to hold down any lose glitter that may bang off while you use it. For the paper covered book I needed 4 squares of the fancy paper and then all I did was lay them flat over the adhesive and smooth out so no air bubbles were present. I wish I bought bigger paper to avoid having to piece the sheets of paper together but I just cover that up with some bling later on.

After this dried I took the dowels and cut them to size. The tutorial used foam board but these were cheaper and they worked just as well. I then glued them in place around the perimeter  of the note book. I will say that the foam board will be easier to cut and does look a bit better but its much cheaper to just use the dowels.

Once glued down I took the books outside and gave the inside a spray with a metallic grey spray paint to cover the plain inside and the wooden dowels. Once the spray paint dried I peeled the backing off the magnetic sheet and attached it in between the dowels. I did have to trim down the magnetic paper before I laid it down because it was a bit too big once I attached the dowels.

That’s it, you can decorate it if you want but you don’t have to depending on how you cover the front. I will say the magnetic sheet is pretty strong, I have already began using the palettes and I find that the single shadows stay in place quite well. They don’t slide around or move unless you move them so that is pretty good for $3.25 per sheet. Also I am not sure if its just the type of adhesive I have but I feel it never dries. Its not sticky but its still tacky feeling and I sprayed it well over 24 hours ago. I am quite impressed with how they turned out I almost want to make another one and depot some shades from my neglected palettes in hopes I will maybe use them more.

In total for two Z palettes it cost me $18 and change, I was lucky I had some of the items on hand or it would have cost me more. I feel it wasn’t much cheaper to make the palette then it would be to just buy one, but it would all depend where you buy it from. I have seen pallets as high as $50 per palette right down to $10. I like the DIY aspect because you can create something you want, with every detail you are looking for instead of settling with what ever you can get online. I will say this was very easy to make and you can find many different ways to create one and I did really like making one to fit in with my décor. The most expensive part of this project would be the notebook depending on how fancy you go with it and other then the adhesive everything else was relatively cheap.

Cost break down

Palette online for 28 shadows: $9.95

-black base with a clear cover

2 DIY palettes that fit 26-28 shadows per palette

-magnetic sheet: $3.25

-fancy paper: $5.95

-Wooden dowels: $1.95

-Notebooks $3.50ea

This is just what I bought it would of cost me another $20+ for the others things had I needed to buy them. My final verdict; unless you have a bunch of craft stuff sitting around and the time to make it, just buy one. If you had to buy everything It honestly wasn’t any cheaper to make. I was lucky as I had some of the items on hand if I hadn’t I would have just bought it. I also think it is hard to store since it doesn’t actually close so its not the most indestructible thing around so don’t drop it.

It was good to post again comment below what you want to read next! I have a few new makeup items I think I might review unless there is something else you’d rather read. Until next time I will be enjoying the sun now that summer is FINALLY here….Now lets get at that garden!

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