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Fashion Angels DIY Bath Bomb Kit: Did it Fizzle or Fizzle out?

Hey everyone I know its been a while but I have so many projects on the go that I’m trying to wrap up time has just slipped away. Once I get some of those projects completed I’ll be back to my regular Wednesday and Saturday posting schedule… I promise!

For today’s post I thought I’d do something DIY in nature and involve the kids in the fun… or the brief moments of fun before they begin to not listen and make a mess. I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about, it’s kind of like when your children want to “help.” It’s cute and sweet but in the back of you’re mind you know that their “help” will result in a bigger, more time consuming mess and then they will magically disappear once said mess is made.

I came across this cute little DIY bath bomb kit from Fashion Angels for $20.00+ tax while at Walmart and decided to pick it up. The packaging was super cute so I thought why not give it a try. My kids and myself love bath bombs or bubble baths and I figured this would be a good purchase, I could spend time with my kids while creating something I would actually use. I mean don’t get me wrong I love my kids art but I only have so much room for so many pieces of scrap paper littered with a whole pad of stickers.



I waited until the kids went for a nap to make one first, just to see how it would go before I let the kids “help” me out. To be honest this kit SUCKED!! I tried so many ways to make it work but it flopped each time, but more about that later! Lets start of with the contents: you get 2 bomb molds, 3 packs of sodium Bicarbonate, 3 bags of Citric Acid, a small package of glitter, 1 strawberry scent, 1 pair of gloves 3 colors: Teal, Blue and purple, 6 bags, a bunch of string and the instructions. Everything was labeled and it was easy to understand what everything was used for.


As always I forgot to take all pictures needed haha. I always seem to get too caught up in what I am doing and I forget to stop and gather all the information I need and this time was no exception. So in lieu of my step by step pictures I will just include the pictures from the instructions that came in the box.

The first step tells you to put you’re gloves on. Next add 1 bag of the citric acid and 1 bag of the sodium bicarbonate together into a bowl. Using the gloves mix together the mixture breaking up all the lumps. I found breaking up the lumps with your hands very time consuming and would suggest if you have a sifter you don’t mind using, use it! I think sifting will save time and the ever painful hand cramp. Just sift the products together to ensure all the lumps are removed.

The next step is to add the glitter and then mix everything together. I added the scent before I began to break up the mixture to ensure the scent was evenly distributed. You are suppose to add the scent after you mix it together but I found it worked better this way to ensure the scent mixed through evenly,

The instructions state to add 5 drops of desired color to the spritzer bottle and fill with water. You’re suppose to spritz the mixture 3 times and mix until it holds together when pressed in hands. If more moisture is needed spritz again. To get a multi color effect you’ll need to separate the mixture before you spritz as you’ll need to spritz each bowl in a different color, but if you only want a single colored bomb you won’t need to do this step.

Once you achieve the “proper” texture you’re suppose to fill each half of the bomb molds heaping, not packed and squish both halves together until it both sides are stuck firmly. Once the halves are stuck together remove one half of the bomb mold and set aside to dry for 24 hours

I followed the instructions to an almost perfect T and this is what happened…

The bath bomb from start to finish took me 25 minutes, most of my time was spent breaking up the lumps in the mixture to ensure it wasn’t clumpy. This was very time consuming and I would suggest just sifting them together with an older sifter. Everything went fine until it came time to add the water. This was the most DIFFICULT step as it didn’t matter how little water I added all three attempts failed. The first bomb I made I went it straight away with 3-4 sprays of water which ended up with the bath bombs expanding before they even hit the water.


Of course I added too much water so with the next 2 sets I started off with only 1 spritz of water and worked my way up from there. The coloring sucked as well, I tried to make both a single colored bomb and a multiple colored bomb and neither of them had any color. You would need to spritz the mixture more then just 3 times to get any color to appear on the bomb.

I wish I had taken a picture to show you the consistency of the mixture after it sat for just a minute. As soon as you let the mixture sit it becomes hard, it doesn’t stay in a sand like consistency but rather gets firm and you’ll need to break it up before you can even scoop it into the mold. With the last 2 sets Instead of letting the bombs dry in the mold I took them out and placed them in their bags thinking this would help stop them from expanding and ensure they keep a round shape…. I was so wrong!


They expanded in the bag and became almost ceramic like and actually formed air pockets that can be seen in the picture above. You can also see how their is no color whats so ever to them and they just look like garbage! They also did not perform well when introduced to water, it was less then exciting lets just be real. I unfortunately can’t upload the video but it basically just melted in the water with no fizz, no sizzle just a big FLOP! I do think if this is something you MUST purchase a single colored bomb will be the most successful as I feel once you split the mixture up to try and create a multi color bomb the extra water between all the colors is just too much. I also suggest starting off with 1 spritz of water and adding more if needed.

This is not worth $20, this isn’t even worth $10 I would not recommend this for anything really. Thankfully the company has other cute DIY kits such as jewelry making, sticker books and fashion accessories so hopefully one of those would be a better purchase.

I hope you liked this DIY kit review I plan to do more of them (with all the pictures needed haha) in the near future so if there are any kits you want me to try and out and see if its worth the money comment below! Make sure you check out my Facebook page Behind the Contour to see new makeup looks, challenges and products that I may not post to my blog. This way you can stay up to date with everything I’m working on!

I also want to take two seconds to bring something to your attention. Last Friday my home towns Junior Hockey Teams bus was involved in a horrible accident claiming 16 out of 29 young lives. I am asking that you keep my Hometown Humboldt Saskatchewan in your thoughts and prayers and if you haven’t already donate to the Go Fund me Page please do, these families need as much support and love as we can send them!


Click Picture to be taken to the Go Fund me Page (legit page not the scam page)



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