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My Guilty Pleasure: YouTube Drama, I Can’t Get Enough!

Hey welcome back! I hope you all had a great week, I know its Monday tomorrow but we still have today. I unfortunately had to work this weekend which means I have been up since 5 am this morning, so I am pretty tired. I also had to miss out on the traditional St Patrick’s day green beer, which is a kind of a bummer being that I’m Irish ha ha, oh well maybe next year. I’d Love to hear about any St. Patty’s day shenanigans or see some of your green outfits so please comment them below!

So being that my shift starts at 6 am and I have a 1 hour commute to and from work you can guarantee i’m in bed pretty early….most nights. We have a TV set up in our bedroom so I normally will cast a few shows before I got to bed and lately I have been addicted to YouTube drama channels. It’s so bad I will lock myself in the room for hours on end watching skits, even ones I have already watched! I want to warn you that these channels are not to be taken as gospel but I find them a helpful way to relax at the end of a hard day. I love being able to sit back and laugh at the silly antics and dialogue these channels provide. Its a safe place to voice your creative opinions, to agree to disagree and just have a good ol’ laugh.

If you don’t like this kind of entertainment that’s totally fine as its not everyone’s cup of tea but please keep your rude comments to yourself. I am fully aware that not all “facts” spoken in these channels are true but I love the perspective they give and they are funny as HELL! I am honestly so addicted and thought what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t spread this addiction on to you!! Now I know I promised a non-makeup relate post and I only half lied ha ha. These channels are not focused on makeup and only one of these channels actually “reviews” makeup (Though it’s not a typical beauty guru style review) but, these channels do talk about the Beauty Community and the YouTube drama that some of us “outer circle” people may not hear about.

So sit back relax and let me introduce to the world of YouTube Drama!

I’m Shook Hunny!!! Yes lets kick this right off with the one that started this crazy addiction and that is Rich Lux.


I’m not actually sure how I even came across Rich Lux, I honestly think I was watching some makeup tutorial and I’m sure his video was in the list of recommend videos. It probably had some click bait title like “Beauty’s Gurus’ anything for views” or something like that ha ha.

Rich Lux is originally from South Houston, but now lives in like LA or New York or some boojie state. He has almost 125,000 subscribers and mainly talks about luxury brands, makeup and makeup drama. I have only recently started watching his videos but I catch myself watching for the notifications to indicate he has posted, I love being one of the first people to watch and comment on his videos. He is my biggest guilty pleasure I find his videos so funny and the effort he brings to his skits is amazing. Now I take nothing Rich says seriously he is the channel I go to for a good laugh, to cast a little shade and get inspired to do my own thing. I find Rich so out there and unapologetic, I just love his vibe and the love he brings to his channel. You can always turn to him for the lastest Nikki Tutorial or Tati drama, some busted the house makeup swatches or just to “kick it with the girls.” If I could party one night it would be with Rich, he just seems like the gay bestfriend that always has some snappy remark for everything, Love it SO much!

I could go on and on about why I find Rich Lux so entertaining but I suggest just checking him out for yourself! Tell him Brett sent you, I promise even if you don’t agree with what he says you’ll bust a gut watching him!

My next guilty pleasure is UK’s very own Petty Paige!


Another joy to watch is the uncensored, Big Black Beautiful Woman that is Paige Christie. Paige brings you some serious style and a killer attitude to match. Paige is originally from somewhere else ha ha (real descriptive I know!) but now resides in the UK and works as an EMS dispatcher on top of already killing it in the YouTube world. For a brief time Paige was a plus sized model and emphasizes you don’t need to be a size 0 to be beautiful. She is also a big advocate for women of color when it comes to inclusivity in the Beauty Community and will always tell you exactly what she thinks

I love Paige’s uncensored approach to her channel, she is definitely an 18+ age group so if your little ones are in the room I suggestion sending them away. Paige reports on all types of drama whether it be a fight between Manny MUA and Jeffree Star or shady companies doing shady business. She has no problem dropping a few F*** bombs and speaks her mind regardless of what other think. I find Paige to be the girl that says what everyone else is thinking, but are too scared to say. She is the channel I watch when I want to get hyped up, cause some drama or just yell at the TV.  She doesn’t post as often as Rich but when she does, you better get the tea ready because shit is about to go down! So BBIIITTTCCCCHHH I suggest checking this Petty Bitch out and get your swagger on some Paige!

The last channel I secretly binge watch is the Martin Louis Resurrected channel.

maxresdefault (1)

Unlike Rich and Paige I tend to have no clue who the people Martin talks about are and that’s why I love his channel. Martin is originally from Australia or New Zealand I can’t remember haha but now resides in Thailand. Martin reports mainly on other YouTubers who also report drama on other YouTubers. ( Yep YouTube is just everyone talking about everyone else haha.) Unlike Rich and Paige, Martin doesn’t actually own his channel he only produces the content, not sure why he doesn’t just start his own channel but its all the same to me.

I love Martin’s content, he brings a charming twist and refreshing perspective to the YouTube community. His content isn’t as flashy or in your face as the others but he always leaves you thinking. Surprise surprise I am a women and I love drama, even drama about people I’ve never heard of and that’s why I love tuning in and watching Martins content. You can also check it that he will always come with receipts and proof of all alleged “facts” with Martin. If you love face swaps,sarcastic humour and a bit of eye candy I suggest checking your boi Martin Louis, I’m watching him right now!


Lastly I want to talk about the guiltiest of guilty YouTube pleasure, these are the channels you secretly watch but don’t want other to know you watch. No not those kind of videos haha these are the drama YouTubers who take things to far. These YouTubers spill the tea, spread it around and then act like they didn’t touch the tea, its not their tea, blah, blah, bah. Anyway these are the YouTubers you love to hate, you tune into these YouTube channels only to hurl insults from the comforts of your onesie pajamas.

Now I won’t give much clout to these channels but I will break down there content and why you may not want to admit to watching these channels. Let me disclose that I don’t hate these channels (hmghdjhlIdowatchthemjkakjdfla) but I also have a brain and can form my opinion. don’t think ANY of what these channels say as truth but I feel these 3 channels take addressing the truth to a shady level. These also aren’t the only channels that play this game these are just the channels I have come across and maybe, sometimes, as background noise listen to haha.

Karina Kaboom: I think the main reason I dislike Karina is because I have yet to see one video where she has had her comments enabled. I personally just find it shady and cowardly that you can dish the drama but can’t handle seeing the backlash or even just answer question from your fans. She does start all her videos of with a disclaimer stating these are just her opinions and not to spread hate so I can’t fault her for her crazy fans. I will say from what I have seen of her earlier content that she has toned down her approach to addressing these topics and I feel she comes off more opinionated then an out right bully in her newer content. I do want to ask, WTF is up with the Carebears? I will say I like how simple her videos are, it shows you don’t need all the effects to have a successful channel.

Here For the Tea: Here for the Tea used to show her face on camera and now no longer does and I can’t blame her. I am all up for having an opinion and standing behind it but this girl is ruthless. I have seen lives where she has sworn at followers, other YouTubers and those who just don’t agree with her. I believe she tries hard to report actual facts but I feel her approach comes off more as a bully then just a “hey lets spill the tea” kind of vibe. I just wish she came off less mean and more respectful…not sure if that’s the word I want though haha. Basically have your opinion say your piece and communicate respectfully is all I am saying. I do like the content Here for the Tea provides and love how she stands behind her beliefs, just tone it down girl save that anger and direct towards those who deserves it….

John: Like John haha, I don’t even want to give this guys full name because he doesn’t deserve any more views. This guy is the lowest of low when it comes to factual reporting, he does none of it. If he’s not dodging criticism for his botched makeup line, he is spreading hate and slander about other YouTubers. He expects others to own their shit but he never addresses his own. He’s like a bad movie you can’t help but watch because yelling commentary at the TV is just too fun! I’m not going to say don’t visit his channel but I will say he doesn’t deserve the views until he addresses his current bullshit!

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into my life! I no this isn’t a real informative post but sometimes its nice to take time from running our house and I thought why not share with you how I unwind. Maybe one of these channels will turn into your next guilty pleasure. Let me know who you favorite YouTube personality is or if one of these channels as now turned into your new guilty pleasure.

I will be back to regular scheduled posting this week so stay tuned for a Wednesday post I’m thinking DIY! I hope you all have a great Monday and a drama free week!


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