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I Got My Eyes on You: 7 Days of Drug Store Mascara

Hey so I’m back with other makeup review! Haha yes I know another one, but the next post will be something unrelated to makeup I promise 😉


This last week I have been hosting another makeup challenge in my Facebook group Behind the Contour and its been centered around Drug Store mascara. I had already tested out 7 high end brands and the members of the group wanted to see some cheaper alternatives so we did the same challenge but with more affordable brands. I was lucky and had a couple cheaper brands in my stash but most of them I had to go out and buy. Originally I wanted to try the brand Pixie but at $22 it was a bit costly for what I consider “drug store prices.” Anyway I hope you all had a good start to your week! I know this post is a day late but I needed that extra day to finish up the challenge. So without further a due lets get right into this shall we?!?



So the first mascara I tried was the L’oreal Voluminous Manga Rock Mascara. I bought this from Winners and I don’t believe they sell this version anymore which in my opinion is probably a good thing as I was not a fan. Anyway I paid $5.99 for this and honestly thought that was still too much. The first thing that frustrated me was the wand, I would not call what it had “bristles” they were more like numbs that were about 1 mm long. It was clumpy right off the bat and the wand did not help matters. The “bristles” were so short that one dunk into the mascara and it basically covered them. This made it hard to apply without getting it all over my face. Its also gave what the beauty community calls “Spider lashes.” Basically this is a fancy way to say “The mascara is clumpy as fuck but we don’t want to get kicked off the PR list.” I personally don’t like this look for everyday wear but, depending on the look your going for I understand the want for this look… just not my thing! I also found it to feel cheap! Like I understand it’s not going to feel super Lux but it felt like a Solo cup. It was just odd and the gold lid reminded me of cheap Dollar Store kids jewelry.


Right side has mascara left side is natural

This mascara claims to give you spiked overloaded volume on the top and bottom lashes, with a rebellious rock attitude. The spiked brush, brushes loads of maximum volume from the roots and stretches lashes to pointed tips. Flake free, smudge free and suitable for sensitive eyes. Its suppose to remove easily with soap and water which leads me to think its not very water proof but that is one thing I did not test. It also doesn’t clearly state that they don’t test on animals. I believe they do when needed so in my mind they aren’t truly cruelty free.  I found that it did flake throughout the day and did smudge under the eye. I don’t recommend this mascara and you probably wont find it anyway so you wont need to worry haha.



I was lucky enough to be gifted this Physicians Formula Lash Booster from my mom, so that definitely saved me a bit of mulla. I own more high end mascara then I do drug store!! shocking right haha. Anyway she bought this on sale for like $11.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart and then was too scared to use this (I don’t blame her.) This is a fiber mascara and comes in 2 parts, this already is a hard pass for me! I am not a fan of these 2 step applications, I don’t find them necessary and they are very time consuming. The application is as follows: You need to apply the mascara, then while its still wet apply the fiber lash step and then seal again with mascara. Repeat with the fiber lash before the mascara dries if you want longer more dramatic lashes and then do the same steps on the bottom lashes. All these steps results in you putting a bunch of air into the mascara which will make it clumpy very fast. I did like how clear the directions were so it was easy to follow but again it will lessen your product life. I found the mascara alone to be nice but nothing exciting and the fiber lash part did give my lashes extra length and volume BUT!!! The fibers irritated the hell out of my eyes! It felt like there was something in my eyes all day and it was not a fun experience. The fibers would fall and land all over my face, they wiped away easily but it was annoying to have unwanted flecks of black everywhere. It held up well through out the day considering how much I was rubbing at my eyes which was a bonus because my eyes were already red as hell!!


Right side has mascara left side is natural

This mascara claims to give you instant lash extensions that will be the envy of everyone. They claim that 100% of users saw thicker, fuller, longer more dramatic lashes after 3 weeks of wear. it claims this is a 24 hour wearing mascara, its hypoallergenic and provides instant and long term results. I liked the way my lashes looked but it felt so so SO uncomfortable I can not recommend this! The packaging is quite pretty, I like the red and silver tube and the wand on the mascara was easy to work with. I’m not sure how anyone could wear this mascara straight for 3 weeks without wanting to rip their eyes out. Those fibers were hella irritating and I couldn’t image being able to get used to that feeling. So i question the accuracy of these claims.



The third mascara I tried was the Essence brand that people have been talking about. This brand is pretty cheap and has some decent products that aren’t half bad. This mascara retails for $3.99 and comes in this style and one other style. These can be bought at Shoppers Drug Mart For $3.99. I thought this mascara was pretty decent, the wand was a bit large but at least it wasn’t super clumpy. The wand looked to be missing a strip of bristles but I don’t think this effected anything or how it applies. I didn’t find this mascara very lengthening but it did separate my lashes nicely and gave the appearance of more volume. I didn’t find it flaky but it did smudge a bit through out the day. It also comes in no plastic wrap so there is so waste when it comes to packaging so if you’re into reducing waste this offers that.


Right side has mascara left side is natural

This mascara claims to offer extreme volume the contains ultra black pigments that cover each lash with intense color. The large brush helps create stunning volume. This product is supposedly cruelty free. Other then the wand being to large I am not mad at this mascara, for $3.99 I’d recommend buying it as it did preform pretty well throughout the day and it looked nice on the lashes.



Some of you may remember this mascara growing up, some may still use this today! Its an oldie but a goodie, its the Maybelline Great Lash mascara. I totally remember my mom using this mascara and passing by this in the drug store during my teenage years, though I don’t remember ever buying it not sure what I was thinking! haha. So I got this mascara on sale for $3.99 at Shoppers Drug mart and I think it normally retails for like $5.99. For starters I’m in love with the tear drop shape wand! I think all mascara should use that style of wand, it makes getting into the inner and out corners so easy. I recommend 2 coats of mascara to create a dramatic look but one coat is just fine. It didn’t leave the lashes clumpy and coated each lash separately to create nice volume.


Right side has mascara left side is natural

This mascara claims to condition lashes as it thickens them. The doubling formula glides on to build great looking lashes while the lash building brush makes it easy to get a full lash look. This won an Allure Beauty award for top mascara. I honestly recommend this mascara the price is amazing you get great looking lashes and I am loving this wand like you have no idea! I also really liked the colors of the packing it is a simple design but the green and pink shades together are very eye catching. It also come sit two shades of black for a bit of variety.



The fifth mascara I tried was the Annabelle Bigshow mascara, this was the alternative I picked instead of a Pixie brand of mascara. Next to the Physicians Formula, this mascara was the most expensive sitting at $10.99. I also bought this at Shoppers Drug Mart and I thought since I wasn’t getting a Pixie brand I might as well try a brand that not many people talk about. I didn’t mind this mascara but again it wasn’t wowing me. The wand was nice and small just the way I like them but, the length of the applicator was short and I prefer the applicator to be a bit longer. (I don’t like having my hand so close to my face!) It wasn’t clumpy and applied easily, I don’t feel like this gave me much length and it didn’t really last all day. After 8 hours my lashes had fallen and it looked like I hadn’t put any mascara on.


Right side has mascara left side is natural

This mascara claims to offer maximum volume while providing little for the length. It’s suppose to be clump free and suitable for sensitive eyes. The volume boosting formula enriched with Caranuba extract offers a softening effect of the lashes. I will say this does offer a bit of added volume but I don’t believe it gives you 13x the volume. For $10.99 I think the other cheaper brands I mentioned earlier are just as good but if you want to spend a bit more this mascara isn’t horrible, I just don’t think its anything amazing. I also enjoy the black and pink packaging, I personally find pink quite eye catching.



The 6th mascara I tried was the Covergirl Full Lash Bloom mascara. Growing up I was big into Covergirl when I first started getting into makeup, not sure why but this brand is a bit nostalgic for me. Unfortunately I was not a fan of this mascara, I think I paid like $7.99 for it at Shoppers Drug Mart and it hurt. The bristles were so poky that every time I would apply the mascara it would scratch up against my eye and it felt uncomfortable. The way it made my lashes look wasn’t anything special either, it did separate my lashes but it offered no length and really nothing for volume either. I found it also didn’t last that long and faded as the day went on. It is also one of those mascara’s that comes with the wand outside the tube, so your left with that little cap they use to keep the tube closed. I find this is so wasteful and don’t understand why they can’t just put the wand in the tube and get it over with.


Right side has mascara left side is natural

This mascara claims to be waterproof and suitable for contact lens wearers. This mascara creates volume from root to tip. Combs and coats lashes evenly for full separate volume and it stays soft to the touch all day long. I do agree it does stay soft feeling and my lashes didn’t feel heavy but, I don’t think this offers anything in the form of volume or length. I will say it is somewhat water proof but for how long I’m unsure. I don’t recommend this mascara for the fact it is uncomfortable to apply, I find the bristles just too poky and it really does hurt if they get in the eye. I would suggest a different Covergirl mascara as the price is pretty decent and they always seem to go on sale. This mascara also comes in 3 different shades of black for some added options



Last but no least the seventh mascara tested was the Maybelline Lash Sensation. I was lucky and received this in a Influesnter Voxbox to review so I have tried it before and It was also free to me so an even bigger bonus. For those who weren’t lucky enough to get this voxbox I believe you can purchase this for like $9.99 or less from Shoppers, Walmart, Ulta etc. I really liked this mascara it has a nice slim wand with nice bristles that coat the lashes evenly. I don’t find it too clump and it doesn’t flake throughout the day. I find it provides nice added length to my lashes while providing decent wear throughout the day.


Right side has mascara left side is natural

This mascara claims to have an exclusive fanning brush with ten layers of bristles reveals layers of lashes for a sensational full-fan effect. This is suitable for contact lens wearers. Millions of women have tried and loved Maybelline’s Lash Sensational. The collection award-winning mascara delivers fuller, fanned out lashes, enhanced volume and defined lash lines in a single sweep. This mascara comes in 3 different shades of black which is nice for those who may not want a super black mascara. I totally recommend this mascara it looks super nice and goes on smooth!

The final verdict, Sorry L’Oréal and Physicians Formula you to are the worst out of the seven that I tested. I couldn’t pick which one I liked least because they were both pretty bad! From clumping the lashes, to just being clumpy these 2 were the worst in my opinion and I don’t recommend buying either of these.


The best mascara hands down this week was the Great Lash from Maybelline! It was a close choice between this one and the Maybelline Lash Sensation but the price was the just the perfect winged liner on a set of beautiful lashes. This gave great volume added a bit of extra length and didn’t clump. we can’t forget that wand I just love that tear drop style I find it gets in the corners perfectly and I now wish every mascara wand was like that haha.

That wraps it up! I hope I was able to help give you some useful information and maybe you’ll find a new favorite mascara to take your lashes to the next level. AS always please subscribe to the mailing list so you never miss out on new content and please head over to the Behind the Contour Facebook group to catch even more makeup reviews and weekly challenges! Enjoy your week talk soon BYE!!




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