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GlamSense: Jergens Gets a Glowing Review

OMG it’s Saturday and you know how I know it’s Saturday? My alarm wasn’t blaring at 500am… and I’m here talking to you! So for todays post I’m bringing you another product review, this time I received the product from a platform called GlamSense. I was honestly so excited to get this product! I have been interested in self tanners lately because I am pale AF, and self tanners kind of scare me. My biggest fear is buying one and it turning me into a carrot or it just being a streaky mess haha.


So basically GlamSense is another reviewed based platform you sign up Via the GlamSense website. You type in you’re email address, answer a few questions and POOF your now eligible for free products. This platform requires a bit less work, you basically sign up and once a campaign is started they will send out a survey to select those appropriate to participate in the campaign. I really like this platform, I have received the most items from them and the products are always really cool to review and this time was no exception! I do wish they had a referral link and I’m not actually sure what the look for when they chose people for the campigns but they are easy to complete so I suggest signing up.

To make things interesting I decided to try this against the self tanner I have currently been using and that is the Tarte Cosmetics Glow with the Faux self tanning mousse. So without further a due, let’s get straight into the drama haha


Lets start off by talking about the tanner I actually bought and that is the Tarte Glow with the Faux self tanner. I bought this in one of the Calgary, AB Sephora for $48CAD + tax, because I had read good reviews about it so I thought I would give it a try. I really like the color that this tanner gives, there is only one shade to pick from and its darker but still natural looking for those who have pale skin. I liked that it came with an application mitt because lets face it, I don’t care how soon you wash your hands after your done it still stains, lets just be honest. Anyway I started off really liking this tanner it went on fairly well, it was a bit streaky but I found if I showered the next day the excess tanner would wash off and that seemed to get rid of the streaks. It also felt a bit heavy on the skin until you showered it off. After a while though I started to get a bit frustrated with it. The first thing that pissed me off is that the nozzle stuck and then it tipped over and it leaked all over the bag I had at it in, thankfully nothing was ruined. It cleaned up easily and I was able to solve the problem so it wasn’t a big deal. I just made sure to always store it up right and made sure that the nozzle wasn’t locked down. Now just recently the last few times I went to use it and didn’t even foam up! At first it produced a nice foam and dispensed easily, but now it comes out as a total liquid and I have a hard time even dispensing product from the bottle. Its now even streakier then before and it absorbs weird into the skin making the application uneven with creates the streakiness. It also smells a bit off not a bad smell but not like a “OOOO I just love this smell!” type smell.


Tarte Glow with the Faux before and after results

Claims: Instant buildable ultra-deep tan, foolproof it foams into a lightweight mousse to deliver a healthy streak free tan in no time flat thanks to the mitt. Perfect for all skin tones.  Use 1-2 times per week to keep color glowing.  Does NOT contain sunscreen.

Application: dispense product onto the mitt and apply to body in long even strokes, one body part at a time. Wait 24hrs before showering. Wait 60sec before dressing.


Don’t you just love it when free products actually work, I know I do. Like I said I was so excited to try this product. After the break down of my Tarte tanner I was really skeptical of ever spending my money on another high-end tanner and I’m so glad I no longer have to! The Jergen’s Sunless Tanning mousse is really cheap at under $15.00 so it’s not going to break the bank. They offer 2 shades Light Bronze and Deep Bronze, I received the Light Bronze to test because I’m pretty pale…like REALLY pale and I didn’t want to look unnatural. This shade is a bit lighter then the Tarte so you will need to apply another application to bring it to the same shade as the Tarte tanner. I do wish this came with a mitt because I don’t like using my hand but I am sure you can find something pretty cheap that will do the trick. This foamed up beautifully and application was a breeze. It was not streaky and didn’t absorb weird into the skin, it also didn’t leave my body feeling like there was a layer of “stuff” on it. So far I have had no issues with it leaking, sticking or turning to liquid but it is still fairy new so I can’t say that it won’t happen. It also smells amazing, almost like a lotion I actually really enjoyed the smell of this tanner compared to the Tarte tanner.


Jergen’s Sunless Tanning Mousse before and after results. Only 1 application

Claims: It will give you a flawless natural looking coloring instantly. It works with skin tones to mimic results from the natural sun. Use Jergens natural glow color primer in the shower and their tan extender daily moisturizer to help prolong the look of the tan. the color is also suppose to deepen over several hours

Application: Use a mitt or you’re hand and smooth mousse over clean body, use sparingly around knees, ankles and elbow. Use the next day to achieve a darker color.


My finally verdict, save your money and buy the Jergen’s Sunless tanning Mousse! You may need 2 applications and it sucks that it doesn’t come with a mitt but the overall result is better. I found it less streaky, it smelt better and the overall application was easier. I like that they offer two shades and I am interested to see how “deep” the Deep Bronze shade is. So far I have had no bottle malfunctions and if that stays true I’ll definetly be buying it after I’m done with this bottle.

I really hope you enjoyed this review! If you did you should head over to my Facebook group Behind the Contour where I post new makeup reviews everyday. Come join the train wreck! It’s hard to watch but its hard to look away haha Just Kidding but seriously I’m quite humorous to watch so please join me there are well.

Until next time thanks for joining me today!!


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