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Balance Voxbox: Living Life in Balance

Hey I’m back and you know what that means?….. No sorry its not Saturday but it is Wednesday and for today’s article I want to talk about the Balance Voxbox I received from a platform called Influenser, Sounds interesting right? Haha not really but it is exciting to be chosen to receive one of these sought after boxes (though mine always seem to be food related Hmm oh well haha.)

Some of you may be wondering what is influenster? Well Influenster is a product review based site that offers its subscribers access to the tips, tricks, the latest launches, reviews and so much more. They also host campaigns that members are elected to participate in and they vary from food, beauty products, pet supplies etc in what are called a “Voxbox” If you are lucky enough to be chosen Influesnter will send you a box full of goodies and give you a list of tasks you must complete to earn badges to better your chances of receiving another box. I could go on all day but that’s a brief run down of the Influenster platform. If you want me to write a full in depth article on Influesnter comment below and let me know. Also if you want to sign up I’ll provide my referral link  that you can sign up under, it really helps my impact score (I need those impact numbers haha)



Each voxbox has a theme, this is my second time receiving a campaign box. The first Voxbox I received was the Recess Voxbox and it had different kinds of snacks and some beauty products, basically things you would use for going to school. The Balance Voxbox was a box full of edible goodies that are suppose to taste good and be good for you. So in the box I received: 3 detox teas from Davids Tea and 1 free tea coupon, 1 package of  HerbaLand Protein Gummies, 1 Clifbar, and 1 coupon for a free bag of Vea Snack chips.


I’m not a huge tea drinker but was excited to get some Davids Tea to try. My husband was even more excited as he tried to hide them from me…I gave him one, just to be nice haha. They sent 3 flavours and they were: Lemon Cayenne, Organic Detox, and Tumeric Glow.

I chose Lemon Cayenne without hesitation as I love Lemon and spicy things so I though this would be a good start. That left Tumeric Glow and Organic Detox for my husband, needless to say neither one of us are too interested in Organic blend haha. I actually really enjoyed the Lemon Cayenne, it had a nice lemon flavor with just a bit of heat though in my opinion it could have used more! The Davids Tea site claims this tea will leave you “feeling fresh, revitalized and ready to seize the day.”Not sure if I felt all that but I did feel refreshed.

My husband enjoyed the Turmeric Glow, not sure how much I trust what he says but he claims it tastes like an orange citrus tea with a bit of a kick.  The site claims it’s a “sunny tonic that will leave you glowing from the inside out!” This flavor is also Vegan, if this is a diet requirement please ask as not all their teas are Vegan. Lastly the poor Organic Detox blend sits in the cupboard undrank and unspilt haha. I’m not sure why it just seems like it is going to be a boring tea with a grassy flavor. I will take the plunge soon and try it out… or pawn it off on my husband see how I’m feeling. Anyway the site claims it will make you feel like a “new person!” and give your system a “reboot.” This flavor is also Vegan and if you like the Cold Zing flavor Davids Tea claims you will like this one.

The cost isn’t outrageous you get 12 sachets for $10 CAD which works out to about  $1.20 per sachets. They also carry lots of cool tea related items, as well as over 150 flavors you can try. ( I used the coupon and tried Electric Lemonade, HIGHLY recommend if you like lemon, fruit and caffeine)


The next item I got to try was the Herbaland Protein Gummies. Now I have to be honest, I was given the Fantastic Fruit flavour to try and no one in my household liked it. It was actually kind of funny watching my kids get all excited over these gummies, to seeing the look on their faces when they realized they tasted bad. They do have other flavors and are made in Canada so I don’t want to dismiss them just yet, but I can say these were not for us. They started off tasting good but then had a weird after taste I was not a fan of, plus they had a weird mouth feel to them. I would maybe try another flavor for the sheer fact that they are a Canadian based company and you don’t see a lot of them.

You can buy these gummies from Health and Supplement type stores and they seem to range for about $3.50 per package. Now these things are really good for you and provide you with lots of good things such as 28g of fibre, they are GMO free, high in protein and so on. They are suppose to help build muscle mass and aid in the recovery and growth of muscles. It is recommended that you take them before or after a workout as a snack or if you need a pick me up through out the day but don’t want the empty calories. They come in five fruity flavors: Fantastic Fruit, Organic Banana, Kiwi and Friends, Wild Berry and Papaya Paradise. One thing to note is that though most products are Vegan, not all of them are so please read the labels if that is a lifestyle you live.



The first item I devoured once I opened the box was the Peanut Butter flavored ClifBar. It tasted like a peanut oatmeal cookie, it was soft and chewy and was just amazing! I love that you can buy these bars anywhere and they seem to go on sale quite often. I will say I have tried other ClifBar’s before and some are defiantly better then others. I also like that these are so easy to come by, I don’t have to drive around the city looking for a specialty store that sells them.

Like I said you can by these basically anywhere, Walmart has them for 12/68g bars for $16.47 which works out to $1.37 per bar. ClifBar has over 20 flavors and claims to be the original energy bar made with wholesome ingredients. The site states “For best results ClifBars should be eaten one – three hours before exercise, along with water to supply energy to working muscles.” If you are doing lighter exercise such as hiking or biking you can  eat ClifBar during the activity to help maintain your energy levels. ClifBar Can also be eaten as snack for in between meals and after work outs.



The Last item I tried was the Vea Snacks chips. I was happy to know that my local Safeway had them and that I wouldn’t need to go searching for them. I was a bit scared this would be a Bulk Barn type Organic buy. I was also shocked at how expensive these things are, but I’ll get into that a bit future down. So I picked out the Mexican Garden Herb flavor and unlike the Protein Gummies at least one person in the house enjoyed these and that was my son haha. No one liked these, they smelt amazing but there was no flavour! They definitely needed some dip or salsa, anything really haha.

Now they cost $5.95 for 141g, like WOW I would try a different flavor but not for that price. There are 6 flavors in total which are: Thai Coconut, Tuscan Herb w/ Roasted Garlic, Green Hummus w/ Olive Oil, Mexican Garden Herb, Peruvian Sweet Potato and Andean Quinoa and Spice. They offer three different styles of cracker: the seed cracker, the crisps and the crunch bar. Vea snacks tries to offer ethnic  flavor for those who want to try something new. I can say they are jammed packed full of fibre and don’t give them to your children if changing nasty dirty diapers is not on your To Do list.



Influenster Referral Link

That’s it, thats the box in a nut shell; Like I said exciting right! Overall it was a fun box and it was nice that half the box was products I had not tried yet. I do really enjoy receiving these complimentary boxes to review, just wish they would send me more makeup!

Oh well maybe next time but until then click on my referral link above, it would really help my impact score and allow me to have greater chances at getting picked for better boxes. Also please sign up to the mailing list so you’ll never miss another post as they will be popping up every Wednesday and Saturday. Anyway I have to go run my house and stock up on ClifBars, I’ll let you know if Inhale them in the pantry hiding from my children…like I do almost anything that comes in a wrapper HAHA Bye!




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