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Instagram: Trying to get a head, Ghost followers and the Algorithm

Hey I’m back! I have been trying really hard to grow my Social Media presence and unfortunately that has meant my blog has taken the back seat in order to get myself organized. I can promise you I will be back in full force posting a new content every Wednesday and Saturday, so please stick around!

With all that said I figured I’d make my first back to full time blogging article (that’s a mouth full!)  about Instagram and all the quirks and face palms it has to offer. I’m sure most if not all of you on the Interweb know, use or have heard of the Instagram platform. Over 250 million people use this platform in some way so its no surprise that brands and people alike flock to Instagram to help promote their businesses. I don’t want to bore you on the back story of Instagram so I’ll just leave you with that and if you don’t know what Instagram is, download it from the app store and you will soon find out!


Give me a follow I won’t follow and then unfollow 😉

I am just starting out on my Social Media journey and it’s honestly proving very hard to get exposure. I read articles all the time that say “I grew my platform to 1000000 people in just three months and you can too” are crazy! I feel unless you are willing to shell out money for promotions, sponsored ads or just have a crap ton of friends organic grow is damn near impossible, possible but it won’t happen in three months! Now i’m not trying to gain millions of followers or become the next Nikki Tutorials but why must it be so hard to reach those people who will genuinely be interested in what we have to say. I JUST WANT TO BE INTERNET FAMOUS!! Seriously though isn’t that what most of us want in some way and maybe being “internet famous” to you means having a small following that interacts with you and shares with its members or it could mean you have 10000000 followers you’ve never interacted with. For me personally, this is not my job nor do I ever care to make money from this (though not going to lie that would be pretty sweet) but i’d rather have a few thousand subscribers/followers that actually care, like and appreciate my content. I want people to interact with me and my content because they think i’m a fun, creative and most important an HONEST person. I’d love to work with brands that I stand behind, enjoy and do good things for people, but no worries there will be no She Runs the House merch haha.


From the App Follow Cop

Another thing that makes gaining real followers and getting a head hard are the never ending hoards of ghosts followers and those that will follow anyone in hopes they get a follow back, only to unfollow shortly after…. those people really irk me! Now don’t get me wrong I don’t expect nor do I assume that everyone will like my content and that’s fine. I’d rather have you spam my page with artificial likes that just hitting that follow button in hopes I hit it back. I get that we all want exposure and that’s one way to get it but to me its shady! To be honest I have started to unfollow anyone that follows and then unfollows because i’m not going to support people who only clicked that button to gain my follow. It’s one thing when I follow you, I don’t ever expect a follow back if I have found and followed you first but I will not stick around and support all those number hungry content creators. Honestly when people do that my first thought is “Oh you want numbers because you want to get free stuff from brands to review” not saying that’s always the case but how can you trust a person when all they want is to get a brands attention. So then what they get the ever sought after PR and you think they will give an honest review, probably not because PR is everything in the beauty word and some people will do anything and support anyone just to get on that list.

I hosted a giveaway on my Instagram and one of the rules was to follow me in order to be entered, as soon as the winner was picked POOF gone where some followers. I’m not surprised but that’s greedy people for you, oh well no future contests for them. I will not be entering anyone in any futures contests who follow and then unfollow once the contest is won.

Its so disheartening to see your followers go from 600+ to 580 over night all because I didn’t click that button. You want my follow spam me with likes, follow and stay following. If you are like me and want to avoid following someone who only wants your follow a key thing to look for is, did they like any of my stuff or did they only follow? If they only followed chances are they will unfollow once they gain your follow or they realize your not going to boost their Instagram score. If you want help boosting your engagement there are plenty of engagement Facebook groups out there that offer lots of information and guidance. I am apart of the Elite Social Stars  Facebook group that helps boost peoples engagement through daily like and comment threads. I have met lots of amazing people who share the same goals and ambitions as I do so I highly suggestion if growing your platform is your goal consider checking out one of these groups.



The last thing that is supposedly putting a wrench in content creators reach is the infamous algorithm, the thing almost every brand, Content Creater and lurker have been complaining about since they updated. Honestly, I want to speak on this but i barely understand the algorithm, other then if your posts don’t get lots of engagement within the first 10 minutes or whatever Instagram assumes nobody cares and the post doesn’t reach everyone that it should. You will still see those you follow and those who follow you will still see your content but you can forget about Huda Beauty seeing your post unless your friends. For me I understand what they are trying to do but I feel like their required engagement rate is too high and only those who already have a mass following will benefit from. I am also not a huge fan of chronological order either because I don’t want to see the same eye closeup from the same person 20 times from different angles, though at the same time I want to know that my post reached the audience I was aiming for. So for me I just wish they could find a happy medium between the “Algorithm” and chronological order.

Food for though and a question for all you out there. What is this Vero and do you think it will be “The new Instagram” as everyone is claiming it to be. I watched a video on Youtube from a channel called Tea Spill and they had some interesting things to say about the CEO and creator of Vero I think people need to check out before we all go jumping in head first to the newest thing. I’m not claiming this to be true this is just something I have seen, but it is something that should be talked about and brought to light so others can make informed decisions. I will link the video below so you can take a look and come to your own decision. Me personally I’m not sure what I think, I will defiantly be doing some research before I dedicate any real time to Vero and I hope others do as well.

When I find out  more I’ll publish another article but until then give me your thoughts and experience with growing your brand on Instagram. Id love to hear how you work through the ever changing world that is Social Media.

Well thats all I got for today tune back in Wednesday or if you can’t wait check out my Facebook group Behind the Contour and never miss a day of my witty content!

Also here is the video from Tea Spills on the new app Vero please check it out and form your own opinions before exposing your business all over the app 🙂

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