Beware of Mirina Collections/Chic Wishlist/Nora NYC

So its about time I talk about a situation that has happened involving the company Mirina Collections. The sad thing is it seems that I’m not the only girl this has happened to and the more I search online the more I uncover about this shady company.

I am going to apologize now This post will be a bit over the place and include profanity. I will try hard to stay focused but there is just so much I need to tell you about this company so please If you don’t read any other blog about Mirina Collections/Chic Wishlist/Nora NYC read this one. It will explain everything quite well….I hope haha. So first off I’ll give you the 4-1-1 on what went down and how I was introduced to Mirina Collections/Chic Wishlist/Nora NYC or what ever name they go by these days.

I was approached by someone from Mirina Collections via a comment on one of my Instagram posts, telling me to DM them about an affiliate opportunity. They are real charming too, telling you how fab you look and that you would be great as a representative and you should totally message them for more info. Now I am just starting out and was stoked that a company had approached me being that I had such a small following. I immediately checked out the website and did a quick search of them online; now I wish I had done a better search of them because if I had, I would have never ordered from them.

So the little bit of searching turned up great, the reviews on google were great, I loved their stuff and the discount code they were offering was too good to pass up. So I decided to order a statement necklace using their very discounted 1 time use ambassadors code.

This was the catch to the affiliate program you must buy a “Statement Necklace” in order to get a code you can use anytime at check out. The initial code they give you is much larger then the code they give you for later use and is only to be used at the first checkout. They also give you a code to give out to your followers, friends and family that they can use at check out as well. I have heard stories of these codes not working or being deactivated, I’m not sure if my code ever worked because I didn’t really give it out and no one commented to say other wise.

Now most companies who want you to be an affiliate will approach you and offer to send you a product for FREE in exchange for a HONEST review, you should never have to buy a product In exchange for a review. So I wasn’t expecting much from this code, I was just excited to get some discounted jewelry because at first glance the pieces looked very nice. I say at first glance because once I started to research them I began to notice how much they tried to portray other companies work as there own. I also found you could buy the same pieces on other websites making me wondering how “Handmade” these things really are. They are also very expensive without a code, they had some very affordable pieces but the statement necklaces ranged in prices of well over $100.


Anyway, I ordered my Statement piece along with a pair of cheap sunglasses, everything arrived I believe in one order. I know companies that send things out in multiple orders based on the idea that the consumer would rather have pieces of the order instead of waiting for everything to ship at once. I personally would rather just wait for the whole order, rather then trying to keep track of what has shown up and what hasn’t.

So great my first order has arrived and I was excited.  I did the unboxing and posted to Instagram just like I was supposed to do. As part of the Ambassadors program the only requirement to keep the discount code is you must post a picture of the necklace once you get it and tag the proper people, so pretty simple and there is no requirement as to how often you need to post their items to your page.

Items are in hand everything is good, so now its time to actually review the product.  The sunglasses were cheap in more then just the money sense; I dropped them once and they bent HORRIBLY. The lens also scratched very quickly and the over quality of them was below par, but for $10 I wasn’t going to complain because I wasn’t expecting much and they did look nice on. I can say I did enjoy the necklaces, I have read stories of the necklaces coming broken, missing gems or it was entirely the wrong necklace. I had no issues thankfully with any of that, both my necklaces came in great shape, nothing was broken, no gems where missing and they were what I ordered. This was the one and only good thing this company was able to do for me, even though you can buy the same necklace on for a fraction of the price.

So first order went real well no complaints, so now its June and they’re sending out emails saying: Get your own pair of our Statement sunglasses starting at $19.99, or something like that. Of course when I saw this I thought wow what a great deal, these sunglasses are normally $100 plus and I can get as may pairs as I want, SOLD!

I find a few pairs of sunglasses that I want and then check out the necklaces. I thought since I was already ordering something why not throw in a necklace and then I can use my ambassadors code to get a big discount at the end. I found a necklace I wanted and proceeded to the checkout with 3 pairs of sunglasses and 1 statement necklace. I was a bit curious to see if it would allow me to check out with the sale items and the code used over top but it did and subtracted the discount from my total bringing it to just over $53.00 USD which was like $70+ CAD.

Payment was accepted and I received a shipping notice a few days later stating my items where being shipped out and they gave me 1 tracking code. Since there was only 1 tracking code given I assumed everything would be in 1 order like the first time, this wasn’t the case. I received 1 pair of sunglasses first and nothing else for about 2 weeks after. OK fine I know on the site it states they will break up the order to send out the items that are currently ready first, fine. It’s now 2 weeks after the sunglasses came and I have finally receive my necklace but not the other pairs of sunglasses; that’s OK I assume they are coming in another order and that they would arrive in a week or two….not the case.

Its now the end of September and they have ghosted me like a bad first date. I have tried to email them multiple times using their email, the contact us link on their site, I have even tried to message them on Instagram and Facebook and still nothing. I have left bad reviews on Google, directly on their page, I have even filed a complaint with the FTC and the BBB. The only response that I have gotten from them was on September 3 2017. After many emails and almost 2 months of waiting this is all they can manage to type out:

Collab at Chic Wish List

Sep 3

to me

Hi I have sent this to shipping for tracking for you

PATHETIC! After you approach me to try and get me to buy your stuff, you can’t even send out a professional email, no apology, NOTHING! Whats makes this even worse is that I can tell you they don’t even look at the applications for becoming an ambassador, its an AUTOMATED email. They don’t screen shit they just give these codes out to who ever applies. I know this because when I was trying to reach them I sent them a very unhappy email through their ambassadors link, want to know what I got in response?
The same email I got when I applied the first time. The real kicker after I reply back questioning if they even read these applications, I received an email stating I was approved! So ya they are a huge scam, their ambassadors program is a scam, their merchandise is a scam and I will NEVER order from them again.
I am sure I will be out the money but I hope some women or blogger out there will see this and think twice about ordering from this horrible excuse for a company. Also trust no reviews on google I have a feeling they have bought the reviews or they are phony. After reading all the complaints and horrible experiences people have had with this company there is no way their 4.8 star rating is legit.
*Pictures included are comparisons to similar products found on the Chic Wishlist site. They aren’t exact duplicates but enough to show you that you can get basically the same thing else where for a fraction of the cost. Since Chic Wishlist has poor quality anyway at least when your item breaks you can feel better knowing you only spent $20.00 verses $120.00.
*Update! Literally two seconds after publishing this post and emailing them again demanding a refund I got a response, this one A little more wording was put into it.

Collab at Chic Wish List

2:17 PM (17 hours ago)

to me

Your order has been shipped! I totally understand your concern. I’ve sent your info to our shipping team and they shall be contacting you soon, greatly appreciate your patience!

Best regards,

I love the subject line they use, “We have just received your email /” Really after how many MONTH’S you have “just” received my emails….BULLSHIT!
So I told them If I don’t hear from shipping in a few days I will be contacting them AGAIN!
I will keep all you ladies updated on what transpires, also if you want to read more horror stories check out Mirina Collections Lies Blog. Their are plenty of other stories just like mine and worse, so if you still need convincing after reading this check them out.
IMG_20170927_2 (1)

8 thoughts on “Beware of Mirina Collections/Chic Wishlist/Nora NYC

  1. Thank you so much for your post !! I was about to pay for my first order on this website as a new “ambassador” (they reached out on me earlier today) and I thought maybe I should look it up first just in case, I’m so glad I did !


    1. Good to hear!! I wish I hadn’t been suckered in with that 80% garbage “ambassadors” code they give. Like I said to Jackie its so sad how they get people and the funny thing is I still get messages from them to become an “ambassador.” There is seriously no screening done they just hand these codes out like tic tacs. I’m just happy I got my items (even tho that’s a story in itself) and I no longer need to deal with their horrible business! Spread the word you can get the same stuff on amazon for penny’s compared to what they charge!


  2. I was also reached out to last night I applied and got “approved” but nope. Not doing it now. Thank you so much for saving me that purchase. It’s ridiculous.


  3. Thank you for warning us. It felt too good to be true anyway. Like Lauren, I decided to google them and see what comes up and came across your blog. thanks again and sorry for your ordeal with them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad my article helped! I wish I had googled them first but being new it was exciting to have a company interested. Check amazon if you like their stuff, its still cheaper even with their silly code!


  4. Thank you so much for this post! This is why I do a quick Google search on any company that offers to collaborate with me, especially having such a small Instagram following. I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to make sure others don’t fall for this. I will definitely not be ordering from them!

    Liked by 1 person

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