Well let’s get at this!


Sorry I have been MIA the last month and a half. I have realized it is very hard to blog using a sub-par computer that crashes every five minutes (SHOCKER). So I bit the bullet, went out and bought a new lap top. I’m so excited to finally start getting all the pieces together to do this blog thing right!

Now that I have a new computer, the next big purchase will be a new camera. I want to be able to take amazing quality pictures of all the great products I want to show you and my camera is about as functional as my old lap top. With two weeks off work I hope to make up for the lack of posting this last month and start getting this blog off the ground. Fast forward 2 weeks later and still nothing I know, that’s what getting sick on your holidays does to you. I’m back to full health finally and now I will do this right (I promise!)

Now that the excuses are out of the way I have lots to tell! ​(but I’ll limit it to the most important moments) I have been online shopping like a mad women and I have so many products I can’t wait to show off ​(Spoiler Alert…. lippies are my new addiction, just saying haha) ​ My husband isn’t overly happy about this but oh well he’s not home and I pay the bills, so HA! I have also been working on the summer bod….or at least trying to 🙂 I’m sure like most of you Pintrest is the go to place for ideas, inspiration and a good laugh, so naturally it was the place I sought out first to find a workout routine. I managed to find an easy, quick routine to start off with or at least I thought it was going to be, oh boy was I wrong. I hope you tune back in to hear about my journey to a toned summer bod in just 30 days, I am excited to see the results…. if any haha.

The most exciting part to my July so far is my husband coming home for a few days as they move on to their next job site. It was nice having him home to give me a break from all the yard work that seems to pile up. The kids were also SUPER excited to have him home and followed him like mini shadows the whole time. It warmed my heart to see the massive smiles on their faces as he walked through the door. I just loving seeing him with the kids, he many suck at house work but he is an amazing father and that makes up for any dirty sock or burnt meal.

I don’t want to bore you too much as I will be spamming your life’s the next few weeks so I’ll keep it short. Please don’t forget about me I may be slow at posting, I am busy running the house after all but I am here and I will always find time for this blog. Please hit that subscribe button and send me any ideas, DIY or products you want me to talk about or try. I want to write about things that are important to you and I can only find that out if you tell me, so like I say to my kids “Please tell me what you want, I’m not a mind reader!” and I will do my very best to deliver!

Thanks for tuning in talk soon!

Also the giveaway is still going on so check out the post for details on how to enter into the mini makeup haul!


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