PUR Cosmetics: My Little Pony Palette Become Best-friends with these Magical Shades

Hey beauties how’s it going!?!

If you haven’t already noticed I have a bit of an obsession with eyeshadow palettes so naturally this review is for ANOTHER palette, YAY!



I came across this palette while scouring Instagram on @makeup0980 account. My daughter is big into My Little Pony and I hate to admit it but I’m digging the show as well. (Don’t judge me haha!) So of course, I needed to have it and bought it on release day (August 10, 2017) because i’m impatient and needed it ASAP.I was so excited to get it just based on the pictures PUR posted on their Instagram it looked like a cute, brightly pigmented palette that would be very versatile.

The palette arrived on August 21, 2017, I was a bit surprised that it came to the post office as I thought the website stated it doesn’t ship to PO boxes, so I thought it would come directly to my door. (No Big deal, maybe I miss read the sentence.) I was relieved when It arrived because at check out I had a hard time getting the correct province to show up. (I did contact support and make them aware of this.)I also ended up having to pay when I picked up the package and that surprised me a bit as I assumed I paid everything at checkout. I checked their website and no where did I see it state they would charge the delivery at time of pick up. Again, that was fine I wanted the palette so I paid the remaining tota(At the time I didn’t know if I was double charged or not, thankfully I wasn’t.)

My first impressions right off the bat was how under whelming the packaging was that the product was shipped in. Now I understand not everyone splurges on the fancy colored packages with lots of detail, but I was hoping to at least see their logo on the outside of the box. Instead the palette came in a white cardboard box with the packing slip around the outside. Thankfully the real work of art was what was on the inside wrapped in bubble wrap. The palette arrived in perfect shape with no broken pans or misspelt names! 

Lets talk a bit about the palette and how cute it is.


The outside box for the palette is so cute with the My Little Pony name in bold white letter and a magical rainbow galaxy scene behind it. The palette itself is white with a silver holographic logo instead of a white logo like the front of the box.I almost wish the palette case had the same design that the box it came in had. I find the white is going to stain fast and the silver logo is almost lost against the white case. Honestly, I really wanted to display this palette but find it boring and hard to read. (When I display a palette, I want it too to look cool and I want the name to be readable from a distance. If I wanted to keep this in the case and remove it each time I would display it, but I don’t have time for that.)


The ingredients are listed on the side of the packaging the palette came in and are a bit hard to read. I really wish these where listed on the palette because I tend to throw the boxes out and if I wanted to read the Ingredients i’d need to go on to the website and its just a bit of a pain.
A cute added detail is the Twilight Sparkle outline on the plastic shield that comes inside the palette, though I wish they had put it on the front of the palette for a bit more fun.
I normally throw those plastic shields out and I find myself keeping this one because it has Twilight Sparkle on it. I really wish I could find a better use for it, so if you lovely people have any ideas shot me a message and share them with me.The palette also comes with a great functional mirror that I even used during my look.It worked great, I was able to see what I was doing clearly and it was easy to hold as it is not a big bulky palette.Another cute detail was the eyeshadow names in hearts on the back of the packaging. This makes it easy to see the shades included  without needed to take the palette out of the box.I also think the colors on the box match up quite accuretaly to the colors in the palette.


The palette comes with 16 shadows ranging from shimmers to mattes, with a great selection of shades. The shade selection is thought-out nicely and I can see how each shade fits with the movie. I also really like how you can create different complete looks, from a smoky eye, to a bold dramatic eye without the need another palette to help. I feel its a palette you could use alone or with other palettes if you wanted it is that versatile. The shades feel smooth to the touch and at first swatch seem to have minimal to no fall out. I did detect a bit of a smell but I can’t quite figure out what it could be it wasn’t a real chemical smell but there was a smell.

I liked the shade name choices, though the last four I was unsure about as they didn’t spark any memories from the TV series. (My daughter has watched them more them once so id like to think id recognize Princess SkyStar…. unless that’s season 7, Netflix isn’t that far yet.) Also, why is there no shade named Spike he is basically a pony I mean really!

Now on to the best part of palette reviews the SWATCHES and of course I have plenty of swatches to show you with the standard primer, no primer and water conditions!


Now All my pictures are unedited and don’t contain filters. I take most of my pictures in front of my big picture window to help accurately show the shades. I don’t like to fix up my swatch pictures as I feel this takes away from the authenticity of the colors.
 I did find a few shades that I would use more as a highlight as they weren’t super pigmented like the rest. These shades included: Rarity, Flutteryshy, Twilight Sparkle and laughter. If you look close at the palette pictured above, Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle look fairly similar. 
Finger swatches with and without Primer
They looked very nice but as you’ll see in the pictures it didn’t matter if I used primer or not they still didn’t show up. ( I also used setting spray and the wet brush on the eye-shade made the shadow look weird.)
Finger swatches with and without Primer
The darker shades where packed with lots of pigment with little patchiness during application.
The shades blended well and went on the eye smoothly, I really liked the shade Fluttershy for the inside corners of my eyes.
There was no fall out from the brush or shadow pan and I found the shades to be very buildable.
Swatches with and without Primer
The shades were hard to wipe off unless you used make up remover so there is no issue with the color staying in place.
I tried to use just water to remove the swatches and woke up with them still on my hand. ( I even ran the swatches under water and barley moved if it did at all.)
Swatches with and without primer ran under water
I found the best swatches where over the primer, they stayed the longest and applied the best.
Again, I used the Tarte Cosmetics setting spray, maybe I need to change it up but I found it didn’t help pop the colors. It also made the one shade look weird when I tried to pick up color on my damp brush


Swatches with Setting spray
The palette costs $29.00 USD ($33.19 CAD) and contains about 15.8 grams of product equaling about $1.66 USD ($2.07CAD) per gram. Like I said earlier I ended up having to pay when I picked up the palette. I checked my PayPal and was only charged the cost of the palette so I’m just assuming the extra $14.02 was for shipping and handling.
So in total I ended up paying $47.21 CAD and in my opinion is a good price. You get 16 shades great quality shades in a easy to use palette. The palette is also small enough to take on the go for those makeup emergencies.

I also stated I had some issues at checkout, I’m still not even sure what I did to get it to work.

So the long and short of it. Normally when you change your region to Canada it changes the States to Provinces but it didn’t for me. Instead all the states where there and the only Canadian location was the Canadian Armed Forces. Like I said I got it to work but it was a lot of going back, retrying, checking off different boxes until finally it worked. It took support 4 days to respond to me and basically said they were looking into it but that my order had gone through and would be coming to the correct address.

You can purchase PUR Cosmetics directly from their site or you can purchase their products from: Kohles, and ULTA. PUR offers free shipping on orders over $40 and with all the cute products they make it won’t be hard to reach that total.

PUR Cosmetics is cruelty, vegan, gluten and paraben free and they pride themselves on a natural mineral makeup that is not only great for the skin but also looks and feels great. PUR Cosmetics is an American based company that has products ranging from skincare to makeup. I couldn’t find for certain if Hasbro teamed up with PUR or just allowed them to use the My Little Pony trade mark as a lot of the stylism was taken from the show and used in palette.

PUR is also involved in the END it movement a movement that is helping put an end to the still remaining plague of slavery that still haunt some countries even today. $1 from every product sold on their website is said to go to this organization.

If you want to learn more about the END IT movement click the X below.



Final verdict
Not sure if I will order from PUR again just based on the weird check out problem and the payment on delivery.
It wasn’t a huge expense but not everyone has funds laying around especially when you assume the item has been paid in full. This wasn’t a big deal for me as I had the money to pay for it, but to someone else it could have been. Its possible that I missed this at check out but I don’t think I did.
The palette itself was very nice, great quality and if another themed palette came out by them I would buy it. Until then or I decide to cave and buy the Trolls The Movie palette (Yes I have a problem)  I’ll probably pass on any more PUR purchases, at least for now.
See the My Little Pony movie in theaters October 6 2017



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