Bahadori Beauty Unique Styles at Great Prices

So while my husband has been away working, I have been busy spending his money online shopping.
In my search for some unique summer outfits I happened to stumble across this super cute boutique on Instagram and just had to order something.
  The Boutique is called Bahadori Beauty and they offer cute affordable clothing and accessories.
         You can find everything from tops to bottoms, dress to rompers, swimsuits, lingerie, phone cases, etc. You want it they got it! Most of the items give off a Bohemian vibe and there is no shortage of lace, ruffle and floral print.
​Disclaimer: the company did reach out to me on Instagram and gave me a discount code. The code was for 15% off and it wasn’t an affiliate code as I am not an affiliate ​(A girl an dream though!)


So let’s just dive into the site itself shall we!
You can find a site link their Instagram page or by typing into your internet search bar.
Both ways are easy and take you straight to their main page.
(Bonus if you search using the Instagram link you’ll get to see their gorgeous pieces in action plus
follow them and have a chance to be featured!)
​​​Once at the main page it is very easy to navigate the site. The site includes a search bar and a drop-down menu feature. Depending on your preference you can search by category or by using key words, both are very effective at filtering out items you don’t want to see.

​You can also change the currency between USD, HUF, EUR and GBP depending on your location. The last few features include: a spot to create an account; by starting an account you can create wish lists that way you’ll never forget exactly which of the dresses you loved. ​(with all the great items your lists will be long!)
The site includes links to all their social media pages, a FAQ page and lastly an affiliate link where you can sign up to become and affiliate for the company. 
​(I have no clue what is required to become and affiliate with the company, as stated above I am not an affiliate. Though if they were to ask me I would not decline Ha-ha.)
Now on to the goods!
I purchased 2 items from the site both being swim suits. Now I normally I don’t order swim suits online as this is usually something I like to try on before purchasing, but I decided to take a risk.
 I followed their size chart which is listed for every item in a drop down menu after you click on the item; I believe they are based around American sizes so keep that in mind.
The sizes run S, M, L, XL so if you are a plus sized beauty unfortunately they don’t offer much past a size XL.
This does limit their market and I feel they should offer some larger sizes, buts that’s just MY opinion.
Now I had no problems determining my size as I had just been measured for a bride’s maids dress and based my size off those measurements.
(So if you don’t have your measurements I suggest doing a quick measure to get a ball park idea of where you fit on the size chart.)
The items arrived as described and fit perfect definitely true to size.
I ordered the Vintage ruffle high waisted two piece in pink at a cost of $19.99 USD ($25.30 CAD) and the Lace Bikini in red for $16.99 USD ($21.50 CAD). ​I found this to be a reasonable price for the quality, style and fit of the items.
​I’ll address shipping at the end.


(need picture)

Let’s talk first about the Vintage 2 piece I ordered!
I order the suit in the color pink, now right off the bat the color choice looks different than the actual picture listed for the item; to me the item in the picture looked more coral then pink. This was fine as I liked the color better in the picture shown of the swim suit verses the color square you pick at the time of purchase.
They offer this swimsuit in two different colors: black and pink. The swim suit is made from a spandex, nylon blend so it does stretch and have movement which is nice.
Its a pull over style top with adjustable straps and built in bra. Huge bonus to not feeling like I was about to fall out of the top, I find some bikini tops to be a bit flimsy in the chest area but this one stays in place nicely.
One flaw I found in the top is it does sag a bit exposing some of the white back side.​ (Just being picky.)
I decided to tack it a bit with thread to avoid that from happening and it seems to be holding.
The bottoms fit perfect, I’m not one for bikini bottoms but these offered a lot of coverage and I liked the ruffle on the front. (Great for hiding the tummy.)


(need picture)

The Lace bikini was the second swimsuit I bought.
This one comes in two colors: black and red. I also found with this swimsuit the color choice red didn’t match the picture. The swimsuit is more burgundy then bright red so I would not rely on the color choice square but rather on the picture itself.
The swimsuit is made from a spandex, polyester blend. The top is a tie top with a clasp back and built in bra. The bottoms offered stretch, the top had a bit of stretch in the back clasp but the lace feature offered no stretch. You will want to make sure you get as close to your size as possible if you get this style. I also found that the lace feature needed to be tacked down as some spots didn’t lay flat at the bottom.
Again, I followed the size chart provided and I would say it fits true to size, so trust the size chart as it is quite accurate.
The swimsuits hold up nicely in the wash; I washed the lace bikini a few times and the strings are still in good shape. This is great because I find the string tie is always the first thing to warp on bikinis and I loved that this one has kept its shape so far. I haven’t noticed any fading yet and I have worn both pieces in chlorinated water so they hold their appearance quite well.
A few other comments about the company and the products: The Company offers free shipping worldwide on orders over $50. I found the products to be priced quite reasonably for the quality and style.
Shipping was fast but they do separate your order, so if you order multiple items in one order you may get individual items at different times. This is nice if you’re the kind of person that wants it right now but I prefer getting all my items at once that way I know nothing has been missed.

I would rate their communication with the customers as an A+. I had my questions answered promptly and professionally, I felt as if I was valued by the company. I found they answered fast on Instagram so that’s how I did most of my communicating with them. This is also how they reached out to me and gave me the discount code. This was just a nice gesture by the company and is not an affiliate code, nor did it impact my review!

Overall, I found this company to be a pleasure to work with, they offer a great selection of unique items that are of good quality and arrive promptly. I will defiantly be ordering from them again in the near future, I have been eyeing up a few dresses I think would look killer on me!
I want to say this is my personal experience with the company and their products and if you like what you have read I highly recommend checking them out and placing order.


InstaGram: Bahadori.Beauty


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