Anyone need a Dry Shampoo?


I am now hooked on the world of Dry Shampoo!

I had never really tried dry shampoo before, with my job I wear a hairnet all day so my hair routine is pretty minimal. Usually I wake up with just enough time to put a bit of a face on, pull my hair back into a ponytail and then it’s full speed getting the kids ready for daycare and out the door.
So when I was chosen to try out the Batiste dry shampoo I was excited! I was thrilled to see how it would work and even more thrilled that I didn’t need to pay for it. One being I was unsure If I would actually use it enough, or if would just sit abandoned with all my other hair product reject purchases. And two well who doesn’t like free stuff, am I right?
Well let’s just say I am hooked on this product, I don’t know what I was thinking going through life without a dry shampoo.
After three days of not washing my hair and then using the Batiste dry shampoo it looks like my hair was just washed. I couldn’t believe it, I could now go out after work without worrying about how greasy my hair looked (it still didn’t cure the hairnet hair but hey, I’ll take clean hairnet hair over greasy hairnet hair any day.) Secondly I love how it doesn’t leave my hair feeling weighed down like most products make my hair feel. I can still style and play with my hair as if nothing was in it and it smells AMAZING! Another plus is it doesn’t leave white flakes in my hair, which I hear is a big problem with other dry shampoos so another point for Batiste.
Even though this an amazing dry shampoo it does have some cons: The first being that I found I could only use it twice in a row before my hair began to feel too weighed down. This to me isn’t a big deal as by that point I would just wash my hair but for some who like to be able to use it multiple days in a row you may find it does the same. Secondly its loud again not a big deal but if you are like me and work at 5:30 AM this could cause great frustration for anyone sleeping close to magic making station.
So if you’re like me and are wanting to try a dry shampoo and don’t know which one to try or just want to switch it up, Batiste is my recommendation. For under $10 you won’t be disappointed!
If you would like to see a comparison review between Batiste and another dry shampoo brand drop me a line and let me know what brand I should compare it too. I would love to venture more in the world of dry shampoo and share my findings with you!

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Thanks Chickadvisor


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