Scream’s my 2yr old from the couch inches in front of my, but refuses to walk over and get one. This has been happening ever since my husband has left for work. Now normally I would be more then happy to stop what I am doing walk over and give the little guy a big squeeze but this has been the 6th time in the matter of minutes I have heard the wailing of his voice screaming for another hug. Just one more hug, just one more hug that’s all I keep telling myself and it’s cute really it is but when you are alone with two kids, a dog, two cats and a house to clean taking forty hug breaks starts to get to a person. (Even if those hugs are from a cute smammy faced little boy)

This has been happening everyday since my husband has left to go back to work and I’m starting to wonder if it will end. My son, who has never been one to sit and cuddle, almost to the point you need him in a straight jacket if the activity involves sitting for any length of time has now becoming a mommy hugging suck. I totally get it, I am awesome and he loves me and I love him too but baby, mommy needs to feed you and I can’t if I’m busying giving you hugs…. YOU CAN’T LIVE ON HUGS child you just can’t. (​Though my grocery bill would be much less if we could)

I give in though…boy do I give in, and its not that I don’t enjoy all the attention he is now giving me but its like where was this before? Where was all this love when both of us were home and I wasn’t the soul person in the house that can cook and clean…WHERE I ASK YOU!! My daughter on the other hand sits unfazed hording her plastic kitchen food and ice cream set. Some days I wonder why my son can’t be as content just playing with his toys but he is a boy and after all it wouldn’t be my life if I had 2 well behaved children…would it be anyone’s life with 2 kids?

Oh well time to get back to this sink full of dishes. Now that my husband has gone back to work it seems the magical dish Fairy has left with him…. God I miss him.

Its crazy, hectic and just getting starting! Week one is in the books and week two is looking promising. If you thought your life was hectic stick around and you’ll see it’s nothing compared to mine. I mean this is nothing for someone who Runs The House…Right?

For those keeping score at home its Mommy 0, Kids 1


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