OMG I’m Finally Here! Welcome!

Hey! If you’re reading this that means you have found my blog and I’m so excited! My name is Brett and I am the owner/writer for She Runs the House blog. This blog is an extension of me and my personality, I’m a very creative person and thought it was time to share my love of creating and making money with the world. My goal is to connect with individuals from all over who share the same interests and creative spirit I do. If you love make-up, DIY, product reviews, money-making/saving tips and of course lots of laughs please join the fun!

So a little bit about me: I’m a beauty junkie, tattoo loving, coffee drinking momma of 2 beautiful children, happily married and as the blog title implies I run the house. I do everything from working full-time as a Food Service Manager, grocery shopping, house maintenance, finances, you name it I do it. My husband is a huge help but his job takes him away from the home leaving me to manage it all. It’s stressful believe me but I know I’m not the only one in this situation and through this blog I hope to meet other individuals that share the same lifestyle and chaos as I do.

So what can you expect from this blog? Well for one I love to making money (who doesn’t) and aside from working full-time I’m always finding ways to earn money from my couch, because let’s face it sitting and making money is glorious. I have stumbled across many mystery shopping and online survey companies and feel like it’s time to share my knowledge of this misunderstood sector. Another huge love of mine DIY on a dime. I love creating and it’s even better when I can do it cheap, so if you’re a DIY junkie you’ll want to tune in for those DIY tutorials that don’t make you feel like you need to be a pro. Lastly you can expect to see product reviews, I work for a few companies that send me products to review and I love sharing my opinion. Hopefully this will help others make wise shopping choices and not waste money on fads of the week.  Lastly I am not a make-up artist but I love to try out the make-up I purchase with unique, fun looks. You can bet I will be sharing them with you as well as busting myths and trying out tricks that are supposed to help make your make-up routine a breeze.

So please join in on Sunday’s for tips, tricks and lots of laughs over here at She Runs the House! I run my house let me help you run yours!

JUNE 1st 2017 tune in for the start of the GIVEAWAY!!  Please follow the instructions on the giveaway post on how to enter. Must meet all requirements, open to anyone.


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